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Somewhere in the midst of a city covered by people like the ground of an anthill you can see a face that looks different.

This face might not have wide eyes and the hair might not be not as black as of the other faces that are used to paint the szene I am talking about.

This face belongs to a 24 years old sweetheart that was called sprengben by himself.

He does not consider himself to be a Photographer but he somehow loves the power that lays in a simple click that possibly lasts only a breath of a second but on the other hand gives authority over true Art and real style.

He is not bound to any rules because he just doesn’t know them and therefor is not in the position to sitck to them.

He just hopes to capture extravagant shots and portray life in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Me in Tokyo:

Me in Tokyo,... HI!

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